The Applications for 3D visualisation and design

3D computer graphics can be useful for many fields of application.

Looking beyond the glamour of movie-making, 3D Design and visualisation are already firmly established in the following areas:

  1. Product and Industrial Design
  2. Interior and architectural design
  3. Automotive design
  4. Furniture design
  5. Games design

However, that is certainly not all. Potentially, there are many more applications where computer-based 3D can be of relevance.

For example, with 3D graphics almost becoming photo-real, it can well become an established alternative to many types of photography. V-ray, Keyshot, Maxwell render, Blender Cycles and Octane Renderer are examples of software used in this arena.

Because physics can be imbued in some 3D applications, 3D can lend itself in the areas of scientific simulation as well.

In the area of education, interactive 3D can be put to good use too. Below show such an example in which Studiorola was engaged for the concept design and modelling phase.

Reverse-engineering is another area that 3D is of relevance. We have clients that required existing parts to be converted into digital replicas. This often involves the re-building of 3D scanned data into CAD-ready surface models. In our studio, our main reverse engineering tool is Rhinoceros aka Rhino 3D. But our arsenal also included other CAD programs such as Alibre Design. Most of our clients usually want the final 3D model to be delivered as STEP or Parasolid Format. Digital CAD models, if done correctly and are watertight can also be 3D printed. 3D printing is closely related to a broader aspect known as Rapid Prototyping.

In the area of medical illustration, computer-based 3D renderings are also making in-road. This area was once the domain of air-brushed illustration. We have done work where client required the concept of medical-related designs to be illustrated.


As you can see, many applications in the ‘real’ world can have a safe and simulated counterpart in the digital realm of computer-based 3D. We foresee that digital 3D will have more and more relevance in the future.

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