Creativity is hard work

There are often much misconception and hype with regards to Creativity. Creative work is not just about coming up with pretty pictures. Fact is, it is more multi-faceted than that. It is like having feelers to probe into existing conditions, situations and through an iterative process, drawing ideas and translating them into something tangible and feasible. At the end of the day, Creativity really is about the phenomenon whereby something new (that has some kind of positive value) is being produced .

More often than not, people tend to associate a Designer’s creative role to that of beautifying an object or artifact. However, the creative role really goes beyond that and at times moving into the realm of innovation. In such a case, Creativity is no longer just appearance-based, but have adopted innovation with functional and/or pyschological attributes.

Creative work requires a right balance of keen observation and intuitive assimilation of what is being observed. These qualities are essential for the translation of mental concepts into something more tangible. In any form of creative work, the ideation and concept development phase are important part of the process. This is regardless of nature of creative industry. The concept development element is significant to both digital media work as  well as product design industry.

Very often the process is not as linear as one wants it to be. Often it can be an iterative revisiting and refining. Very unlikely will good ideas and/or solutions come straight from modelling off the computer. Designers can have ‘Eureka’ moments, but they are just preludes to further developments and refinements.

There is great value in the sketching process. It is very hard to replace the fluidity of sketching. Sketching is simply one of the mode that most rapidly enable ideas to be put into something visually tangible. Increasingly digital sketching with graphic tablets and tablet PC are replacing manual sketching. This can made life a bit easier by saving on physical commodity such as paper and ink, but the process is not less vigorous.

As much as one wants to draw brilliant solutions instantaneously out of thin air, reality is proving that such occurrences are rare. At the end of the day, creative work is still lots of hard work.

7 thoughts on “Creativity is hard work

  1. I believe this is based on your own opinion
    Hard work is hard work and it does not equal to creativity.
    Hard work is based on a “reference” while creativity is based on talent.

    A photographic memory is a talent
    scoring A’s for exam is “memory” + “hard work”
    its a “blueprint” of success in a logic world (academic)

    creativity is a different world…
    just like sports…
    it requires talents to excel
    some people are born to run fast while some people are born with limitless stamina
    some people are born to have high metabolism while some people are born to have adaptability (overcoming opponent’s strength; boxing, tennis, badminton, etc)

    the point is, everyone is born with a unique ability, a unique talent to excel.

    to say creativity is hard work is wrong.
    creativity is a talent
    skillset is hard work

  2. Hi Machida,

    Thank you for the sharing 🙂

    Hope more Readers will share their views too …

  3. Hard work is an excuse for lack of talent.
    Hard work doesn’t equal to result.
    Hard work are people who are insecure with their life hence work hard for means to survive.

    Talent is a whole new different level.
    Creativity is born, not made.

    You could model out a character design, even when you are 10 years in the industry, it will still look mediocre or a copy of someone else work with a few tweek here and there…. now thats Hard Work!

    Talented people tend to be lazy as they could do a better job because they are confident and SECURE of their capabilities…

    and of course, who says that life is fair….

  4. Creativity and Hard Work are 2 different attributes

    Creativity is reinventing a situation without a reference
    while hard work is improving a situation from a reference.

    2 totally different ways of approaching a problem.

    Environment also play a part.
    If the environment is dictate by “hardwork”, a person who is creative unable to explore their potential.
    example of a such senario:
    A hard working person will “prove” something that is proven to work…
    A creative person will “show” something that might not work…..

    Hard work can only bring you to a distance but creativity can provide you to a limitless journey

  5. To explain in a layman terms
    Hard work is Singaporean
    Creativity is foreign talent
    hence the foreign expat are doing design
    while Singaporean are doing engineering

  6. Very intersting observation by Design Singapore. I think that there are many creative Singaporeans, but many have left our shore. Those who stays find it difficult to fit in or make a living.

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