Small Thoughts, Big Ideas – Design Showcase

Singapore is a country that is known more for its efficiency that its creativity. However, beneath the bland and often boring facade lies hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

‘Small Thoughts, Big Ideas’ is a showcase of personal and creative works by 15 Singapore-based Industrial Designers. The works are currently on display at the Arts House.

Below are some of the showcased works…


The Acoustic Robot by Lun Cheak (above), who is a lead designer at Dell. He is also an award-winning Illustrator.


The Ettiquette 2.0 Peppershaker by Andrew Loh (above), who has working experiences in places such as Sony Ericsson, Shimano, Hewlett Packard and Creative Technology.


The Shuang Fan by Tai Woon ( above, right), who has working experience with Hewlett Parkard and Dell. Incidently, Tai Woon and I (above, left) were schoolmates from Temasek Design School.

Each work has a compelling story behind it; which is unfortunately not captured by the mere pictures posted above. The works are imbued with characters that exude qualities that are highly relevant to the context of Singaporean culture and/or aspirations of the participating Designers.

There are more very interesting and inspiring works at the exhibition. If you are in Singapore, do yourself a favour by visiting the exhibition. The works will be on display from 20th to 29th November 2009. It will be opening from 11am to 8 pm daily. The Arts House is situated at 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429.

Be inspired.

8 thoughts on “Small Thoughts, Big Ideas – Design Showcase

  1. hi pern chong, thanks for the writeup and coming to visit us! I like hidden dragon and crouching tigers bit most! Let’s work together to make it even bigger and better the next time around! Till then! Taiwoon

  2. Hello Imran,

    Design is much more than just nice forms.

    How are you able to judge if the designs are mediocre? Did you visit the exhibit to find out the reason, aspiration and rationale behind each one ?

    Also, the displayed works are not commercial ones. They are personal projects borne out of personal interests. As a designer, you know how you sometimes would like to create stuffs that are not bounded by clients’ and companies’ requirement.

  3. Because it something difference from designing only buttons for a change
    by the way, imran, impressive portfolio, are you Singaporean?

  4. Hi Imran,

    We are glad our designs are getting ur attention and I would be happy to share with u personally on my design idea and also the rest of the team members. We are having a small exhibition at page 1, Vivo city from 5th jan to end Jan 2010. Pls come and see! 🙂

    Here is an video of the work in progress which I took and edited. It is to show the public of the work in progress and how much experimentation we did… at the same time while holding on to a full time job and also being a father to a little girl..
    Check it out…

    Look forward to see u there!

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