Underwater Fantasy Scene (Stable Diffusion supported)

This is an artwork that was created via Artificial Intelligence assistance. From an original hand sketch, the image was generated and iteratively edited mainly via Stable Diffusion and Affinity Photo.

Stable Diffusion is an AI model designed to generate images based on text prompts, similar to other generative AI models such as Midjourney. By leveraging its training data, Stable Diffusion interprets the input text and produces corresponding images.

In essence, Stable Diffusion functions as a computer program that is capable of handling intricate prompts, allowing users to request images in specific artistic styles.

I made a hand sketch, scanned it, and then let Stable Diffusion do its magic. I had to make many iterations and edits, mainly using AI-assisted in-painting to add the details. The original sketch is as shown below:

Studiorola provides AI assisted Image and Concept design generation services in Singapore. We are able to:
1. help you install Stable Diffusion locally on your machine so that you can create fantastic artworks and imageries securely and with privacy.
2. generate images based on your requirements.

Whatsapp us at +65 97101546 (Singapore) for inquires.