Algorithmic 3D Artwork: Fosilz


A mathematically-expressed depiction of organic lifeform. The form contains hints of prehistoric semantics.


General workflow

This artwork is built entirely using Grasshopper. This program is the default algorithmic modelling, generative design and visual programming plugin for Rhino 3D NURBS CAD software.

How does Algorithmic or generative 3D modeling work? Basically, it produces 3-dimensional forms that are based on the User-defined algorithms. Algorithms are instructions given to a set of inputs for the creation of intended outputs.

This work is done using Rhino 6 WIP. It uses certain latest Grasshopper and rendering functionalities (as of this writing). Instead of using an external renderer such as Keyshot, the 3D models are rendered using the inbuilt Cycles for Rhino renderer. Some image editing were performed using Affinity Photo.

Below is a screenshot of the Rhino / Grasshopper modelling environment of Fosilz.

grasshopper definition


The artist is a Certified Rhino 3D Instructor.