Arrival – Science Fiction art


I have always wanted to create something that evokes a sense of mystery and awe within myself. Unknown knowledge and the possibilities of lifeforms on other worlds and planets within the vastness of the Universe intrigues me. This artwork is my attempt at infusing these elements.

This 3D illustration is inspired by large imaginary space crafts capable of ferrying large number of passengers across planets.

A primitive native tribesman looks on as the interstellar mass-personnel transporter cruises across the otherworldly sky view of his home planet. This artwork hints of civilization-level dichotomy as the Natural meets the Technological.


General Workflow

What was used to create this piece of digital art? It is created using Carrara Pro from Daz3D. The humanoid character is made using the free open source program known as MakeHuman.

For this 3D  illustration, I made use of Carrara’s good atmospheric features such as Realistic Sky and atmospheric clouds. This illustration is a piece for the Uncommon Paradigm, science fiction art book.


2 thoughts on “Arrival – Science Fiction art

  1. Beautiful! Would love to know your techniques in how you made the clouds look so outstanding. 🙂

  2. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I didn’t really do much. Basically, I use the Volumetric cloud in Carrara and played mainly with the values until I was happy with the result.

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