HDRI Environment Maps

For creating 3D renderings of the highest quality, one should use HDRI maps. These maps can be used as environments to provide subtle and realistic lightings for 3D renderings. The scene below is rendered using a HDRI environment map.


Most popular 3D modelling programs support HDRI. This includes Carrara Pro, 3D StudioMax, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Maya and TrueSpace. Dedicated renderers that supports HDRI (HDR format) includes Vray, Yafray, Yafaray and Kerkythea.

Please note that for high resolution printing, HDRI maps must be of a sufficient resolution and pixel-size as well.

Below are a list of carefully selected HDR maps for instant download purchase. Click on the respective thumbnails for further information or purchase.

hdri-1.jpg    hdri-2.jpg

hdri-3.jpg    hdri-4.jpg

hdri-5.jpg    hdri-6.jpg

HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging.

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